Add some wilderness adventure to your life this summer

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Add some wilderness adventure to your life this summer

Providing a wilderness adventure event on your campus is a perfect way to get the summer started and to help everyone learn safety tips and tricks in the most important areas of wilderness survival to ensure everyone learns just what survival means!

 “SURVIVAL” means: 
S = Size up the situation 
U = Use all your senses 
R = Remember where you are 
V = Vanquish fear and panic 
I = Improvise 
V = Value living 
A = Act like the natives 
L = Live by your wits 
Camping 101 Brochure

Survival Facts:

  • Your body loses heat 25 times faster in water than it does in air
  • Snow is a good insulator. It is filled with loads of tiny air bubbles which trap your body heat
  • Your body loses heat much faster through the ground than it does to the air so there is an old saying that when sleeping on the ground, a blanket underneath is worth two on top
  • You can live 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water
  • Your body burns twice as many calories when you are freezing cold and wet
  • Insects and bugs contain more protein then Beef, Fish or Chicken and are an excellent survival food

Help prepare students on your campus for their next outdoor excursion with The Wilderness Adventure Survival Event in a Box, which includes information about how to set up a safe camp site, tie camping knots, wilderness first aid, light fires, purify water, select camping gear, navigation, learning about dangerous animals/plants and a pre-trip check list.

Not only is this event in a box full of survival information it has a featured giveaway item which is The Head for Survival Triangular Bandana/Cravat. This Bandana is a multi-function tool that provides a wide variety of uses in one piece of gear. Sized at 39” x 39” x 52”, this critical piece of equipment contains vital survival information and will be the giveaway item everyone wants!


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