Want to Save $$$ on Programming?

How would you like to save money and bring more events to your campus? 

Here's a multi-box value pricing that will do just that.

  • Save $100 when you order 3 boxes
  • Save an additional $150 when you order 6 boxes (Total $250)
  • Save an additional $250 when you order 9 boxes (Total $500)
  • Save an additional $500 when you order 12 boxes (Total $1000) (BEST VALUE)

The loyalty program is annual starting July 1 and resets each year.
Boxes can be ordered throughout the year and doesn't have to be in one purchase.
This pricing includes boxes of the same event or multiple events.

*The loyalty program is hassle-free.
We keep track of the number you've ordered and send you quarterly updates.

Check out our Loyalty Program by clicking here! 


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