Anxiety Relief for Testing

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A little nervousness before a test is normal and can help sharpen your mind and focus your attention. But with test anxiety, feelings of worry and self-doubt can interfere with your test-taking performance and make you miserable. Test anxiety can affect anyone so order the Test Anxiety Event in a Box to educate your students on several strategies they can use to reduce test anxiety and increase performance on test day

      Inside the Box you'll receive:

        Educational Posters & Décor Items:
        • What is Test Anxiety Poster (11 x 17)
        • Fight Test Anxiety Poster (11 x 17)
        • Test Anxiety Bubble Poster (11 x 17)
        • White Table Cover
        • Yellow Table Skirt 
          Give Away Items: (Choose Anticipated Attendance Below: 25, 50, 100, or 250)
          • Survival Kits - contains five items with an enclosed card that explains each one: * Lifesaver® -To remind you that taking deep breaths can save you from feeling stressed * Mint-To help you keep your cool at test time * Smarties® -To remind you that smarties read test directions carefully * Penny-To remind you to spend your time wisely on the test. Do the easy questions first. * Starburst®-Because you are a test-taking star!
          • Test Taking Guide Brochure - offers smart test-taking strategies to help students increase their confidence and improve their test taking skills. It provides tips for answering specific types of test questions; ways to reduce test anxiety; and much more.
          • I "Mustache" You To Do The Best On Your Test! Bookmark Pledge ( 2 3/4" X 8) Bookmarks - features 10 questions to ask your self before you test!
            Engagement Activities:
            • Pass out the pledge and survival kits to spread awareness about Test Anxiety.
            • Have event participants use the brochure and bookmarks as daily reminders to continue the fight beating Test Anxiety.
            • Event instructions for small group facilitation or large tabling presentation.

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