Drug & Alcohol Awareness Box

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According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse individuals abusing alcohol and drugs is costly to our Nation, exacting more than $700 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care. 

Host an Alcohol and Drug event to spread awareness and educate event participants! 

    Inside the Alcohol & Drug Awareness Box you'll receive:
    Educational Posters & Decor Items:
    • Perscription Drugs Poster (11x17)
    • Alcohol Poster (11x13)
    • Drugs Facts Poster Laminated (22x29)
    • White Table Cover
    • Blue Table Skirt 
    Give Away Items:
    (Choose Anticipated Attendance Below: 25, 50,100, or 250) 
    • Truth About Drugs Booklet - educational information on basic facts about the following drugs: Marijuana, Alcohol, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Inhalants, LSD, and Prescription Drug Abuse
    • What You Need To Know About Alcohol Brochure - explains that alcohol is a drug like other drugs and describes the short-term effects of drinking alcohol
    • Read Before Drinking Pocket Guide - offers a convenient blood alcohol level chart for men and women of various body weights and 20 useful tips for staying under your limit 
    • Life is Sweet without Drugs -- Drug Free Suckers
    • Drug Free Keychains 
    • I "mustache" You Not To Do Drugs Stickers
    Engagement Activities:
    • Use the posters, booklet, and pocket guide to teach participants the dangers of drugs and alcohol. 
    • Use the stickers and keychains as daily reminders not to use alcohol and drugs.
    • Event instructions for small group facilitation or large tabling presentation.

    EVOX saves you TIME - one stop shop for purposeful educational programming!

    No need to organize, research, and plan because all the preparation is done for you. All you have to do is set up and enjoy the event.
    The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Box is an great way to educate participants about the effects of drugs and provide several reasons through educational handouts on why you should choose to be drug free. A 30-minute event enhancement consultation is provided with this event in a box. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing and delivery.
    For an additional charge, EVOX provides a promotional kit you receive 8 weeks before your event or 1 week after you order which includes: advertising posters, sample social media posts, and a sample marketing email.