About EVOX

EVOX provides you easy to implement, research based, all-inclusive Events in a Box to increase your participant's knowledge about a topic in a fun and interactive way. We call them "Events in a Box" and by combining "events" and "box" is how we got our name, EVOX.

EVOX was created to provide a service of convenience for Event Organizers, an entire program or event is just one click away!

EVOX began in June 2014 and our headquarters is based in Denver, Colorado. We know the frustrations and how time consuming brainstorming, preparing, and communicating for your event can be, so we save you time. The founders, Jason Wright and Rachel Anderson, are experts in organizing events from a combination of over 25 years of experience. 
Discover more about them at the EVOX Team page.

EVOX currently sells a variety of events in a box and is continually adding more all the time. Visit our Catalog to order an event today!

Are you currently struggling in coming up with all aspects of an event and finding that it's taking too much of your time? We'd love to help you out by creating a custom event for you. Fill out the Custom Event Request Form and we'll promptly get back with you.

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