Irish Heritage Box

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Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick’s Day. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture.

    Inside the Irish Heritage Box you'll receive:
    Educational Posters & Decor Items:
    • Shamrock Posters (20x16)
    • Irish Clover Backdrop (9 ft. x 6 ft)
    • 3 Hanging Clovers
    • White Table Cover
    • Green Table Skirt
    Give Away Items:
    (Choose Anticipated Attendance Below: 25, 50,100, or 250)
    • St. Patricks Day Bookmark
    • Small Irish Flags
    • St. Patrick’s Day Beaded Necklace
    • Irish Heritage Factcard
    • Shamrock Stickers
    • Irish Buttermints
    Engagement Activities:
    • Pass out the bookmark to spread awareness about the meaning behind St. Patricks Day.
    • Have event participants use the stickers and necklaces as daily reminders to celebrate Irish Heritage.
    • Event instructions for small group facilitation or large tabling presentation.

    EVOX saves you TIME - one stop shop for purposeful educational programming!

    No need to organize, research, and plan because all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is set up and enjoy the event. The Irish Heritage Box is an great way to celebrate culture and learn the facts behind St. Patrick's Day. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing and delivery.